Get close to nature


Behind the scenes at the park

Enter bear territory and hide their food. Learn about their lifestyle and watch them roam. An unforgettable experience. Young children will love spending a Morning at the farm. A great way to raise animal-lovers!

In autumn, come and witness the spectacle of a deer rut, succumb to the call of the wild and listen to the night-time howls of wolves or visit the park at dusk for a particularly atmospheric experience. You can even become a keeper for a day!


The natural environment of the park is a place of well-being for all and forms a backdrop for those special moments between friends or family. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or looking for a romantic destination, we have it all.

Just mention your requirements when you book and we’ll take care of the rest. Take a look at our booking site now

120 hectares of unspoilt countryside
1,500 animals roam almost free
130 species both wild and domestic
46 Nature Lodges located in the park