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Néo’s journey

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Follow Neo and learn all about worldwide biodiversity and how to deal with current environmental issues and have plenty of fun on the way.

A trip in a dugout canoe, tree houses, a story-telling baobab, rainbow animals, amphibians, a maze and an insect crater are all part of the journey.

What is Néo’s journey?

Néo’s journey, mission for biodiversity opened in 2010 to demonstrate the need to protect the earth’s biodiversity. The recreational trail sees the world through a child’s eyes and combines education, exploration and enchantment.

Environmental issues are bigger than France and Europe. Biodiversity is a worldwide concern and tropical ecosystems are particularly affected. Néo takes us from country to country, exploring exotic places and emblematic species like the lemurs of Madagascar and the red pandas of the Himalayas.

It’s the opportunity for young and old to become aware of the dangers of reducing biodiversity and to start doing their bit to save the planet.

Come and explore the park

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120 hectares of unspoilt countryside
1,500 animals roam almost free
130 species both wild and domestic
46 Nature Lodges located in the park