What’s new for 2020?


40 years of defending biodiversity

Event: the park’s 40th anniversary

All year long

It’s the park’s 40th anniversary this year and we’ll be celebrating throughout the season with exhibitions and special events for all.

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A breeding centre for European pond turtles

coming this year

We have been home to red-eared slider turtles, very popular in the US, since 2005, to protect the European pond turtle, which is an endangered species in France. Boosting wild populations is essential to the protection of the species. As part of a network of zoos, associations and authorities, Sainte-Croix is opening a breeding centre for European pond turtles with a view to reintroducing them to the wild.

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A new pack of Canadian wolves

when the park reopens

A pack of seven Canadian wolves were transferred to Sainte-Croix from Givskud zoo in Denmark in November. The new additions strengthen our park’s position as Europe’s leading centre in terms of wolf protection and raising awareness about the legendary animals
Our older wolves – Gandalf, Altesse, Ébène and Morane – have been moved to a quiet corner of the park to enjoy their retirement. The Canadian recruits are currently enjoying their new environment while awaiting their visitors.

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Néo’s journey has new missions!

during spring

Néo has grown, but environmental issues still need addressing. Find out about the current state of affairs and become an ambassador for worldwide biodiversity. Go on an adventure with Néo and meet a hundred rare and and endangered species from around the world.

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New nature lodge overlooking the Canadian black wolves

winter 2020-21
A new opportunity to stay in a lodge overlooking a pack of west Canadian wolves. A one-of-a-kind experience!
Details coming soon
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And there’s more!

The eatery “Le Bon Pain” has been extended, the P1 car park has been refurbished and we have added meeting rooms.

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