Sainte-Croix autumn celebration
(9 September- 4 November)


What’s going on this summer 24 June-2 September

6th national belling imitation (bolving) competition

Sunday 9 September 2018

For the sixth time, Sainte-Croix has teamed up with the local association of hunters to organise the national deer belling imitation or bolving, competition. Don’t miss the noisy, eccentric event!

Discarded antlers will be on sale and proceeds donated to the Sainte-Croix fund for biodiversity.

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Sales of antlers

Sunday 16 September 2018

We collect discarded antlers of our stags after the annual rutting season and organise a sale in aid of biodiversity via our foundation.

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The deer rut

Saturday 22 September to Sunday 14 October 2018

An outstanding annual event in the wildlife calendar. Sainte-Croix is ranked among the top ten best places to observe a deer rut. Come and admire the mating ceremonial of our 60-strong herd in its superb environment. Join us for a morning or evening observation session, a photographer shoot or overnight camp.

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The wildest Halloween ever

Autumn half-term 21 October–4 November 2018

Come and visit the park during the school holidays and take part in the spine-tingling celebrations with our homegrown monsters. Don’t miss the ghoulish fun!

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