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Cabane d’Ysengrin

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Picto Theme
Tree houses
Picto Sleeps
up to 4
Picto Surface
Picto Suitable for
7 years upwards

Description of accommodation

Get back in touch with your inner child and spend the night in a tree house in the forest. Come to the Cabane d’Ysengrin for an out-of-this-world experience listening to the sounds of the forest and the nearby animals. Doze off to the howls of the European grey wolves beneath you and awake to the excited chirps of the morning chorus. Take a break with us. Your mind and your body will thank you !

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« We’d been wanting to stay in a tree house for a while. The cabin surpassed our expectations. Unforgettable!! »Sanchrist91
« A magical night in a tree house surrounded by wolves. A brilliant experience, especially the howls in the dead of the night. Don’t miss your chance. » 909jeanjacquesf
« Two nights in a cabin, surrounded by grey and black wolves. Relaxation and escapism. Bliss. » Louis_stephanie
120 hectares of unspoilt countryside
1,500 animals roam almost free
130 species both wild and domestic
46 Nature Lodges located in the park