Sainte-Croix is commited to environmental protection

A fundamental undertaking

Since the park was founded in 1980, environmental protection has been part of its raison-d’être and is a fundamental part of all our operations. Over the years, our awareness-raising campaigns for staff and visitors have helped establish our role as leaders in nature protection instruction.

The New World area is the latest example of our policy. Sustainability is the watchword for this new area, from the design stage to day-to-day running.

Committed to the environment

We are currently stepping up our actions to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our environmental policy applies to our everyday operations :

  • Saving water is paramount at the park and we choose our fittings accordingly. Our fleet of electric vehicles helps limit our consumption of fossil fuels.
  • We avoid disposable items, source goods locally and choose organic and ecological produce.
  • We take care to manage our waste and raise awareness of the importance with staff and visitors. We apply a zero-waste policy and encourage others to do the same.

Our zero waste policy

We now generate three times less waste than in 2017 and our target is to manage 90% of our waste within the park.

To do so, we monitor our four main sources of waste: visitors, employees, restaurants, and accommodation.

Creating an ecosystem

Within the new world

The 8.5-hectare New World, previously grazing land, is now a thriving biodiversity preservation area with:

372 trees, 33,000 bushes, 35,000 hardy perennials and grasses, a white-water river and several ponds.

Many of the trees are characteristic of North America: sycamores, oaks and conifers and a giant sequoia which will tower over the Coyote Barn. The New World brings with it a new ecosystem.

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