History and values of the park

Wildlife for all

Local farmers Gérald Singer and his wife Liliane turned their land into wildlife conservation reserve to share their love of nature as widely as possible.

Reaching out, passing on

The park has always been open to schools and eager to teach pupils about little-known European fauna. Children are the future and the more they know about nature, the better they can take care of the planet.

A park with a purpose

These days, taking care of the environment has become a matter of urgency but it has always been a cause defended by the park. Respect for people, animals and their habitats has been a priority since the park was founded in 1980. At Sainte-Croix the protection of biodiversity is a daily occupation.

Moving with the times

Forty years on, the Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix is the number 1 nature reserve for European animals in France, in terms of visitors (3 million in total since we opened in 1980, and up to 350,000 in 2019) and in terms of the pioneering role we play. Sainte-Croix has been committed to wildlife conservation for many years.

We have conducted an EAZA conservation campaign, set up a research and conservation programme in Bulgaria (for cohabitation between wolves and humans), and a breeding programme for endangered species (EEP). We are constantly looking for new ways to continue captivating our visitors.