Top tips

Here’s your checklist for a worry-free visit!

10 top tips

1 – Book your tickets in advance

Clever tickets are available at a discount rate when you book at least a week ahead.

2 – Hop aboard a safari train

The 3-kilometers wildlife expedition takes in 12 different animals with a stunning view of their environnements. Online booking is possible, subject to capacity. NATURE ACTIVITY IN FRENCH

3 – Book a table

Online reservations available soon !

4 – Pack your bag

Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, walking shoes and a raincoat. Looking forward to our barefoot trail? Remember to bring a towel to dry your feet afterwards. And don’t forget your camera! There are plenty of photo opportunities!

5 – Creature comforts

Unfortunately, re-entry is not permitted so make sure you have everything you need for the day. Not keen on carrying your picnic around ? We have the answer ! Wooden chariots are available for hire, so nobody gets laden with heavy belongings.

6 – Adopt a zero waste attitude

Do you know how to pack a zero-waste picnic ? Think portions to share and reusable containers ! Just one way of supporting our sustainable development policy. If you do have some rubbish to dispose of, there are recycling and waste bins around the park.

7 – Plan your day

Schedule your day to take in feeding time of animals or other special events.

8 – If once is not enough

If you plan on coming again, consider a season ticket*. Holders get a discount on all gift shop merchandise, nature lodge bookings and special events.
*Pays for itself on the second (children) or third (adults) visit

9 – See the park in a different light

Take part in a wildlife experience : Zookeeper for a day, a night with the wolves or Deer rut.

10 – Stay with us and be a part of the animal kingdom

Up in the trees, opposite the wolves, bears, coyotes or deer, our nature lodges offer a unique wildlife experience.

Remember the rules of the park

Animals need peace and quiet

Progressez lentement, en évitant les cris et les mouvements brusques pour ne pas les effrayer ni les faire fuir.

Don’t trespass on their territory

Move slowly and don’t shout so as not to frighten them or scare them off. Do not encroach on their territory and don’t approach animals or climb over fences and keep to footpaths.


Keep to designated picnic areas.

Do not feed the animals or throw anything in enclosures.

Our animals all have strict diets to ensure their well-being. Do not risk making them ill by giving them “treats”.

Keep the park clean and tidy

Dispose of your litter responsibly.

Useful informations

Feeding time and shows

Feeding times and shows are on the programme you receive with your tickets and posted around the park.

Wildlife expedition on a safari train

The safari train timetable is posted at reception and at the railway station.


When the park is very busy, we recommend eating lunch at 11.30am or after 1pm.

Picnic in the wild

Head to the picnic area for a meal in the open air. There are sheltered areas in case of rain. Please only picnic in the designated area.


Open-toe sandals and flip flops are not advisable. We advise comfortable walking shoes for your visit.