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Sleeping with wolves

Secretly nestled in the heart of the forest and out of sight, the wolf lodges take you into the fascinating world of these wild animals! You’ll enjoy a unique stay, lulled by their howling at nightfall or hypnotised by a powerful face-to-face encounter with them.


Sleeping in front of the white wolves

Amarok Lodge

Nature invites itself into your lodge! Located in the heart of a vast wild territory home of white wolves, these 4 lodges offer an unbeatable view of these large carnivores! Observe the wolves from every angle thanks to the large windows and openings on all the facades. The materials and design of the lodges reflect the natural curves of the environment, so you can get as close as possible to the wolves’ territory in complete tranquility, while respecting their peace and well-being.

Trapper’s hut

Cross the threshold of the Trapper’s hut and you’ll be transported to Canada’s far north: an all-wood cabin with a green roof gives you a breathtaking view of the territory of the new pack of white wolves. Sheltered from view, you can enjoy a nature break in any season: on the terrace or in the cosy atmosphere of the wood-burning stove.

cabane-du-trappeur_lodges 37_PSC
cabane-du-trappeur_lodges 36_PSC

Sleeping in front of the black wolves

Yukon lodge

Experience a unique encounter with ou black wolves! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of turn-of-the-century adventurers, like Jack London in “The Call of the Wild”. In summer and winter alike, the all-wooden design makes for a warm and friendly atmosphere for you, your family and your friends. Admire the wolves from your lodge, including Thor, a black wolf with a white coat. One of the characteristics of this sub-species is its wide range of colours.

Jack London lodge

Are you ready to sleep with wolves? Cross, the porch and enter this traditional North American home. It will remind you of “The Call of the Wild”. The wooden structure is a comfortable place to stay, whatever the season, with family or with friends. For a touch of decadence, try the jacuzzi on the terrace overlooking the wolf pack. This accommodation is suitable for people with reduced mobility, except the jacuzzi.

jack-london_lodges 41_PSC
jack-london_lodges 43_PSC

Yellowstone lodge

With the Timberwolf habitat for backdrop, the Yellowstone Lodge is an escape from reality. The understated yet incredibly cosy Scandinavian-style architecture mixes well with the setting, which could well be somewhere in North America. The jacuzzi-with-a-view takes relaxation to another level.

yellowstone_lodges 52_PSC
yellowstone_lodges 49-PSC

Sleeping in front of the grey wolves

Wolves Hamlet

Situated in the heart of a vast wild territory home to a new pack, these 5 lodges offer incredible views of the animals while respecting their privacy and well-being. The materials used are very “natural”, reinterpreting the image of a den where wood, earth and stone blend harmoniously. Set within a framework of vegetation and partly semi-buried, these veritable houses with terraces blend perfectly into the atmosphere of the Animal Park, creating a feeling of serenity.

hameau-des-loups_lodges 32-PSC
hameau-des-loups_lodges 31_PSC

Wolf Den

The wolf den is a cornerstone of Sainte-Croix, a unique accomodation Europe. Fans of the Lord of the Rings will love the Hobbit-inspired design. If Tolkien isn’t your thing, you’re sure to be charmed by the cosy interior all the same! The wood burner will provide a superb ambience for your romantic evenings observing the grey wolves.

Tanière-loups_loldges-nature 45_PSC
Tanière-loups_loldges-nature 46_PSC